A quiet Friday at Arroyo.

The horses were still on recovery mode yesterday so on the Vibe Plate, 20 minutes with the magnetic blanket and a long walk in the sunshine was on the schedule for each of them.

William was the one who took advantage of the “walk” part of the schedule.  He had a great long walk around the property, up and down the hills and then back for a snooze and lunch in his box.  Lance thought walk might mean passage or piaffe, oh right…walk.  Overtired brings out the expressive Lance!  Fred had a little work in the sand ring and then a walk.  They all had a good nap in the afternoon.  Today they’ll be more like themselves and we’ll ride each of them for a short session.

Yesterday was so quiet around Arroyo.  Everyone was at the USDF convention in Del Mar.  The only people left were staff and all the foreign students.  Canucks and lots of accents heard in the alleyways!!!!

Ivars is going to ride his bike to Pannikin in Encinitas and we’ll meet him for tea before we head to the barn.

Gonna be another wonderful day!!!


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