We’re here, we’re here, everyone safe and sound and we’re here…

The horses looked great as they got off the truck and settled into their box stalls for a great night’s sleep.  Yesterday we put a light ride on them all.  Ride???…well it was mostly just stretch them out and let them have a look around.  All three were very tired and I’m sure they slept well again last night.

The USDF convention is this weekend in Del Mar.  Quite a few horses from Arroyo will be part of the demos on Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully we can catch a couple of sessions on Saturday.

Ivars’ day is full today with more chores around the coach.  (I’m sure he’ll fit a run in the day as well)  It is so amazing to have him here and have him put his wonderful capable hands and thoughts to the little issues that are always popping up around here.  He is amazing, I am sooo grateful.

William sautering around the sand ring. "I'm tired guys but this feels really good"

Fred enjoying the view from the grooming stall.

Lance in the sunshine after his light ride.

We stopped for a beer and "happy hour" snacks. Ivars on the Vespa, Linds and I in the Bimmer.

A lovely end to a wonderful day.

Off to the barn…


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