They’re on the truck.

The horses loaded this morning at 6am.  They should be at the US  border noonish and then head it south!  We should be unloading them at Arroyo tomorrow night…fingers, toes, legs and anything else crossed!  Stress levels will drop as we see them walk down the ramp, off the truck tomorrow.

Recap from yesterday; we did some real touristy things and headed to Balboa Park (museums and lunch) and then to the Birch Scripps Aquarium.

The desert garden in Balboa Park.

The kelp garden at the Aquarium.

So cute...seadragons!!!

The seadragons were so sweet!!

The weather has been so warm these last couple of day; sunny, warm winds; perfect.  That’s all about to change as a marine layer is moving in; cloudy, a bit of rain, colder.  We need to take the coach to Temecula and have some updates done so with the weather change, this will be a good day to head north for a couple of days.  Lindsey flies in tomorrow…Hey Linds…we may be doing the long drive to Temecula for a couple of days!  Here’s hoping they can get everything done tomorrow and Ivars can drive the coach back to Oceanside tomorrow evening!

I need another cup of tea!


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