Countdown is on!

Lindsey and I are both are working flat-out, 12 – 14 hr days, getting it done and getting ready to hit the road!

Thompson Horse Transport is taking the horses to California again this year.  They do such a great job.  The horses arrive happy and well.  It’s a straight, about 44 hour drive from door to door, FCS to Arroyo.  They are in box stalls in the truck and can see each other all the way.  The drivers are caring and very experienced.

The Thompson truck comes from Vancouver to FCS and then it’s a straight haul to San Diego.  The plan is for the truck to be here Monday night and load horses Tuesday 6am.  That will get them to the US border and the Federal vet at a reasonable time and then head south.  Right now there is a huge storm in BC and one more expected today.  Yesterday the passes in the mountains were closed, power was out in Vancouver and the highway to Alberta was very treacherous.  Penelope at Thompson’s is very much on top of getting the trucks out and back safely, so a day or two delay is doable for Thompson’s and definately for us.  Here’s hoping the weather settles down.

Ivars and I fly out of Edmonton tomorrow.  We’ll have a couple of days in California before the horses arrive to catch up on things there.  Lindsey will take over the farm here and load the horses at FCS Tuesday, then fly south on Wednesday.  If the horses are on the road as planned, we should all meet up at Arroyo Wednesday evening!  Whew…Wednesday evening.

As we don’t need the truck/trailer till January, Peter will drive it down after Christmas.

Let’s get this day started!!!


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