A big, huge congratulation to Lindsey!!!!!  She is now a Certified Stott Pilates instructor.  She did the super-woman thing and tackled this mega education project in amongst everything else to be done this fall.  Well done girl; a good job, well done!!!  Happy Birthday to you. (Now that your exam is over, you can really celebrate!!!)

It’s been very cold here for the last couple of days, -20 or below each morning.  Morning chores are a fast-paced flurry of turn out, clean stalls, bed, fill nibble nets, and bring them back in to their stalls.  Everyone wants back in (they haven’t adapted to the chilliness yet).  They are all working very well (the barn and arena are toasty warm so our work schedule not been interrupted).

The big crunch is on…less than a week before Ivars and I head south and just over a week till the horses leave.  The lists are getting shorter and we very excited about our winter in the south!!!  The 44 hours that the horses are on the road from here to California are very high stress so we will all breathe a big sigh of relief once they step off the truck.  Wish we could “Beam me up Scottie” to get them to Arroyo!!!

Today is another crazy, busy day…off to my cozy barn (I love my job!!!!)


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