San Diego Wildlife Park

The kids had the Bimmer, we were on the Vespa…off to the Wildlife park.

We decided to take the “Behind the scenes Tour”.  Well worth the extra price of admission; 2 hours of up close and personal to many animals and a great tour guide.  This zoo is “non-zoo”, large open vistas, few cages.  The birth rate at this zoo is amazing, the animals look relaxed and non stressed.  We had a wonderful day.

Aleks and Neil, on vacation!!!

Mama rhino, baby hiding behind.

Giraffes are so cool!

The giraffe herd.

The beautiful Okapi. Giraffe related, from the Congo. (This is a male.)

Can you imagine ropin' this big fella!!!???

Rhinos "clustering".

Mama gorilla, baby behind the tree.

Neil used the 40fps camera and caught the Cheetah run...good shot Neil!!!

The cheetah visiting after her run.

We had a great afternoon and headed to the Stone Brewery (Arrogant Bastard).  Great food, great beer then off to the hot tub.

Planning for today under way…


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