A warm drizzily day.

We got on our bikes as the sun was shining, early in the am.  We cycled down the coast for an hour or so.  Beautiful vistas, wonderful sea smells, a pod of dolphins swimming in the distance.  A wonderful start to the day.  We cycled back to the coach just as the clouds rolled in.

A quick run on the Vespa, found a couple of outfits for the kids and noticed we needed a new rear tire on the scooter.  Luckily a great scooter shop is half a block south of the RV park.  Tire repaired, scooter in top form again!!!

Aleks and Neil arrive today from Phoenix.  They are driving my car from Scottsdale to San Diego so Lindsey and I will have wheels while we are here.  The scooter is great, lots of fun but not so much fun in inclement weather.  The little Bimmer is great on gas, fun to drive and keeps us dry and warm!

Neil writes his California PE exam tomorrow then they fly back home on Sunday afternoon.    We’ll celebrate the end of studying Thursday night and have a weekend together.  The weather forecast is for sun and warm!

Waiting for the sun, bikes warmed up!!!


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