A soggy day in Oceanside.

We made our son proud of us yesterday.  We fixed the AV problem in the coach all by ourselves!!!  He knew we could do it and we did!!!!

I got the satellite working yesterday (had to change the software on the “zoomer thingy” that finds the satellites).  We now have full Shaw Direct from Edmonton.  But the cable to the coach wasn’t working.  It’s very convenient to have local news, traffic and weather each day so let’s tackle this problem.  So off to Home Depot in the rain for supplies.  Back to the coach and many hours later…voila we have cable!!!  Yeah for us!  We did it!!

Afternoon reward…off for a walk to the pier…appetizers at Pacific Hotel (yum!) and great draft!

My camera was on “art” mode…who knew something like this was on the dial????  Oh well, interesting shots…

Oceanside Pier

Low tide beach art.

Taking a photo of Ivars taking a photo.

The Pier.

Artsy sunset shot 🙂

What it really looked like....

Back to the coach...satellite dish operative!!!!

The sun is out this am, rain called for this afternoon…bikes this morning!!!


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