By the sea…

We left the desert, travelled through amazing scenery.  Steep uphill climbs, long steep downhill runs and long, long areas of flat.  The flat areas were seas of sand for miles and miles with big rock islands jutting up here and there.  The traffic was heavy.  Everyone headed back to LA from Vegas.

We knew we were close to LA from the smog level ahead.

As we travelled, we Skyped home and turned the web cam around so Mack could see out the front of the coach.  He watched Papa driving the bus and all the cars and trucks…”Wow, ‘Amma!!!!”

We arrived and set up the coach in the same RV park we stayed at last season, Paradise By the Sea Resort.  We’re a half a block from the beach and can smell the sea with the coach windows open.  The day was very foggy and the staff at the check in office said they were at 41 hours of fog!  Here’s hoping the whole week is not fogged in!  We jumped on the Vespa and headed to the Oceanside harbour.  We stopped at a dockside restaurant and had a beer and dinner.

Oceanside harbour

The beer was good, Dos Equis Amber, on tap…great.  The meal was so so but fit the bill for the day.

Cheeky little birds show up if the tables are left and not cleared pronto!

Yum, yum!!!

Today we both are itching to get our bikes out but it’s raining!!! Too bad we don’t have a fireplace in the coach….

Might be a movie day today with a walk on the beach in the rain???

Off to the hot tub…



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