Idaho is pretty in the early morning sunshine.

The leaky, twitchy valve stem seems to have resolved, the tire is holding air, on the road and when we were parked.  We now seem to have a transmission glitch.  Only happened once but I’ll get some more brains working on the issue later this morning.

We spent the night (midnight till 4am) parked in a truck stop in Butte Montana.  We were cozy and warm, had a glass of wine and headed to bed.  Ivars checked the air in the rear tire at 4am, gave me the “good to go” sign and went back to bed.  Pedal to the metal and head south.  No traffic, great highway and my audio book on my headset.  A lovely morning.  Ivars got up at 7, made breakfast and took over the driving.  (He has an audio book going as well!!).

Now that the sun is up we are both enjoying the vista of Idaho.  It’s long, open valleys and purple mountains are picture perfect and a lovely backdrop to my laptop and tea morning.

We’ll make a decision on where we’ll stop for the night as the day unfolds.

Ahhhh…on the road,


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