Headed South

We got away from home before 2pm today.  Ivars tidied up things at the hospital this morning while I finished things up at the stable.   In the coach and driving…yeah!

The horses are working very hard.  Lindsey and I have next month marked off as test month.  They’ll all be schooling tests and polishing movements.  The learning curve for all three horses and Lindsey has been quite steep these last couple of months.  It’ll be good for me to be away for the next few days.  It’ll give Lindsey some alone, concentrating time and she’ll be able consolidate her feel to all the theory we’ve been exploring recently.

We have a pesky, slow leaky tire valve.  One of the inside back tires.  Guess we need to find a big rig tire shop…

Don’t know where we’ll sleep tonight…



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