Riding Outdoors…sunshine and no mosquitos!!!!!

So this was our first day in the outdoor ring this summer!!!???

The mosquitos have been so bad we’ve schooled only in the indoor since May.  The bugs have all but disappeared and the sun is shining!  Today was a wonderful day outdoors at home.

It has seemed quite boring to blog this summer with no photos.  The lighting in the indoor is not very easy to photograph action shots of the horses so I thought I’d wait till we could get into the outdoor ring and post some pics of how hard we have been working this summer…so here they are…

William (7yr old Hannoverian Stallion), tempi changes

William loves tempis!!!

William loves to canter.

And trotting is pretty fun too!!

Lance, in the sunshine this morning.



And Piaffe!!!!!

A cup of tea, awesome horses and coaching Lindsey in the sushine...I am very grateful.

Thank you Barb for the great photos!!!  We’ll miss you tomorrow!!!  Have fun visiting with Brayden and Ali.

It’s been a wonderful day and tomorrow promises to be more of the same.


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One response to “Riding Outdoors…sunshine and no mosquitos!!!!!

  1. Tracy Deschamps

    The horses look great and so do you and Lins.

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