Marcus Gribbe Clinic, Day 2

Another great day of learning, riding and training.  Lance was amazing, Lindsay was wonderful and H. Gribbe gave us some exercises to fine tune the piaffe in Lance’s work.  Oh boy is next week gonna be fun!!!

Linds, Lance and Marcus...piaffe.

And Piaffe...

And more Piaffe...

A big thanks to Bonnie Bonnello and Shelagh Holmes for organizing this clinic.  Albertan riders have be assessed by the new Canadian Technical Advisor…yeah!  Thanks again Shelagh and Bonnie!  Thanks to Cheryl and everyone at Prairie Mountain Ranch for taking such good care of us…especially in light of the EHV-1 scare.   And a big thanks to Marcus Gribbe who professionally asked important, appropriate questions of all the riders and horses in the clinic.  The answers from this clinic and similar clinics across the country, should help in the future formation of Canada’s prospects internationally in our sport.

In light of the EHV information we have received in the last couple of days, I’ve decided to quarantine FCS for the next couple of weeks.  We’ll be staying home and haul in lessons will have to be re-scheduled.

Despite the stress of EHV biosecurity management for the last two days…in has been two very good days.


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