Marcus Gribbe clinic, Day One…

Lance is a superstar, Lindsey is a genius.  A great ride on a great horse.  Thank you Shannon for an amazing winter’s work…it showed today in working with Herr Gribbe.  I still have goosebumps.

Exercise for more control in the one tempis..."wheeee" (as Shannon would say)

All Shannon's in hand work paid off. Lance was calm and concentrated with a large German walking beside him with the "magic" whip.

It was a very good day.

We are very concerned about the EHV-1 scare here in Alberta and if this wasn’t a clinic with the new Canadian Team Coach, we’d still be at home.  The clinic horses, for the majority are in stalls that have never had a horse in them yet.  The couple of stalls that have had horses in them previously have been scrubbed with Virkon before we arrived.  We are stabled in a separate barn from the regular boarders and are using our water buckets and not on their barn water system.  This virus epidemic is very much in all thoughts and everyone is being very conscious of bio-security at this clinic.

Lindsey took the work from this winter with Shannon, fine tuned it after the Del Mar show here at home and rode all that today under the critical eye of our new Team Coach, Marcus Gribbe.  Lindsey showed she is an elite athlete doing what elite athletes do…taking a set of complex, highly honed skills in our sport to new levels in a high stress situation.  I’m sooo proud of her!!

“You have a good horse, he’s good enough”  Yes he is and so is Lindsey (now there’s an understatement!!!)

Tomorrow is Day Two.  Let’s hope Lance has a good sleep tonight.



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2 responses to “Marcus Gribbe clinic, Day One…

  1. Tracy Deschamps

    They look amazing. 🙂 🙂

  2. Tracy Deschamps

    Give yourself credit too for being supportive.

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