Headed home…

Lindsey giving Lance a pep talk before our noon lesson with Shannon.

"Lance, it's time to grow up and show the judges what a big boy you are!!!"

We had a great last lesson with Shannon on Lance…see you Monday Shann…soon.

Shannon, Lindsey, Lance and I taking notes for our homework.

And William got a red ribbon in his Fourth Level class.  Good boy William.  Great job Lindsey.

A fond farewell to Emma...have fun at home in Australia this week!

We all packed up Saturday after our classes.  Ivars, Aleks and Neil arrived late Saturday afternoon.  Aleks and Neil to drive the little car back to Phoenix ready for us to pick it up for next year.  Storage in Phoenix will save us lots of travel time next year and Aleks gets a cute little car to zip around town.  Don’t think it’s going to fit both dogs in the back though Al!!!

We had a BBQ at the coach for dinner and then cleaned up to watch the GP Freestyle class.  Wow.  Steffen, Guenter, Shannon.  Same placings from the GP.  A wonderful class, amazing job Shannon.  And oh yes Steffen and Ravel were just about perfect.  What a way to end our time here!!!

Early Sunday morning we all hit the road.  Thompson’s picked up the horses at 6am.  Curtis and Barb headed to Napa, Peter and Lindsey put pedal to the metal and hurried home with the truck and trailer and we put in some long hours in the coach to get to Kelowna for a couple of days in the Okanagan at the Spring Wine Festival.  Peter and Lindsey were home right after the horses arrival at FCS.  The horses travelled well.  A big thanks to Thompson’s; because of their excellent service and care the horses look great and are now enjoying some down time in their paddocks.  But back to work today for everyone.

Ivars and I arrived in Kelowna Monday afternoon.  We parked the coach and ended a long day.  Yesterday a hike was on the schedule for the morning.  A wonderful hike on the Kettle Valley Railway track.  It’s a railway built around 1911, no longer in use and developed as a hiking/biking trail system.  It’ 12km long running over 18 wooden trestles and several tunnels.  The trestles were totally wiped out in the fire of 2003 and then through some Herculean efforts of volunteers, rebuilt…astounding.  The hike sounds like fun.  8km up the mountain on a gravel road on the Vespa then cameras and water bottles in tow off we go.  It got colder and colder as we drove up the mountain.  When we parked the Vespa and realized we should have brought touques and mitts!  Oh well…off we go.  About 4km in it started to snow.  Ok…time to head back and hope the Vespa is not covered in snow for the trip back down the mountain!  It was a great hike, short but stunning.

Checking in before heading out. "No touques along...maybe we should wear our helmets?"

Stunning views over the regrowing forests.

A lovely walk in the Rockies.

Lunch and wine flights at Quails Gate Winery.

And the view from the coach at the RV park. Ahhhhh....

Sun set view from the coach.

The RV park in Kelowna has only 9 sites and the views are stunning.  We sat and watched the sunset on the mountains with a glass of wine and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Today is back on the Vespa and off to the wineries…a good way to spend a birthday!


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