Won another battle but not the war…yet.

He was better.  Much better.  But not the ridability we need yet so on to ride another test today.  There isn’t an Inter 2 class offered today so if there is a scratch in Inter 1 or PSG we’ll ride whatever class has an opening.  If not we’ll school him during the lunch break and find an empty warmup ring to do a test.

Lance...getting better, starting to think about Lindsey!

Better changes, better ones to come today...

William did great.  Hid first test of the year, first Fourth Level test.  He trucked around the ring, thinking and being a good boy but he backed off a bit and was too tight in the back to really get the job done.  When you are built like Sponge Bob Squarepants a tight back does not help your half passes or pirouettes.  Good try William…he’s ready for today.

Fred is feeling 100% and back to her old self.  She’s driving everyone crazy, banging on her stall, looking for attention.  Good girl Fred!  Glad you’re back!!!!

We got to watch the Grand Prix class yesterday.  Ravel looked marvelous, as always and Odie and Shannon did a wonderful job.  I thought she scored way under her performance, a couple of bobbles in the test but amazingly classic passage/piaffe tour…but such is dressage.

Peter arrived last night and Ivars and Aleks and Neil arrive today.  Freestyles under the lights for this evenings events…Go Shannon, go Steffen.

Sun is coming up…off to feed horses.


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