In which Lance is frightened and Lindsey insists…

An early morning ride on William (no test), he was great.  A wonderful afternoon of dressage in the sunshine…Shannon and Odie were awsome!!!  Won the GP class with a 71%.

And then Lance’s test.  First show for him in a year, new level and he is ready!!!  He warmed up great and then went into the ring. He then decided he was too frightened to think about Lindsey and all that half halt stuff.  Lindsey made a very brave decision and schooled him in the test.  So proud of her.  Lance is not spooky or goofy, he could have done this test with only one ear thinking about Linds, been a bit on the muscle and still made a decent mark…but that’s not what he capable of in the ring.  Time to get the job done, Grand Prix is his future.  He is so naturally talented for this work and so totally able to put it together.  As a young GP horse, with so much power, he is going to learn that relying on Lindsey is the safest way to navigate a complicated test in a show setting.  Today is another test for him and another growing up opportunity.

William, schooling in the am.

"I think I'm gettin' this trot thing!"

Shannon and I watching Lance and Linds in the warmup.

A great warmup.

"Half halt, schmalf halt????...I'll meet you in the corner Linds!!!"

"Hey Lance...we only need 11 one tempis in this test!!!" "Hey Linds...let's do ones around the ring"

"I bet ya I could extend right back to the warm up ring...I could...I could..."

Both Lance and William have tests this morning.  Off to feed them all and start the day!!!


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