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A Fine Warm Up Day at Del Mar National

We had a great warm up day yesterday.  The boys looked great!  William was a bit of a stinker at the beginning of his lesson.  He totally got over himself and went to work and worked hard for the whole lesson.  Good boy…growing up is very important…for everyone involved!!!

We had a bit of a glitch with Lance’s class on Saturday.  The Inter 2 Open class is not available and he was entered into the Inter 2 Adult Amateur/Jr rider class.  Lindsey is not an AA or a Jr so we needed to find another class for him or he would only have one ride for this show.  Not good.  Luckily the show office worked some magic and Lance has a ride in the Inter 2 Open class today!  Yeah!!  Intermediare 2 is the right test for him at this stage of the game and he’ll get to show 2 days this weekend.

Fred is feeling soooo much better…thanks Dr. Paul!!!  She’s actually becoming a bit annoying…she wants to go back to work and enough of this hangin’ out being bored!  Whewww…she’s missing out on showing here but at least she’ll be 100% well to load on the truck for the big trek home.

William LOVES to canter...wheeeeeee.

William, down to business in the Durante Ring.

Starting to trot like a big boy...

Lance in the indoor CDI ring.

Start of half pass left...

Into a line of one tempi changes...

And now some trot work...

"I think I'm getting this Passage thing Linds!!!!"

There were many “goosebump” moments yesterday.  The hard work, good coaching and time spent are all coming together to develop these horses.  Soooo looking forward to today’s rides!!!!

Shannon and Odie schooled in the Del Mar ring after Lance.  Odie looked wonderful.   Every show he gets better and better.  Patience, perseverance and belief in her horse is paying off big time.  Shannon is such a skilled, feeling rider that Odie has blossomed over this season into an amazing GP horse.  Another “goosebump” moment to watch!

Curtis and Barb arrive today.  Peter arrives tomorrow.  Ivars, Aleks and Neil arrive on Saturday.  The transport arrives on Sunday morning.  And then the homeward trek begins…

An early start to another great day…


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