A tearful goodbye to Arroyo…

Lance and Linds, working right pirouette. Lovely.

“What a nice young stallion!!!” Good boy William!!
William, cantering through the corner. Baby William is growing up…quite nicely!!!

It was a tough day yesterday.  Our last rides at Arroyo this season and we packed up our gear and moved to the Del Mar show.  We’ll leave for home from the show grounds.  No tears yet…we’re tough girls…so far.

Worked with Shannon with Lance and William.  Holy smoke are we going to miss her…(now there’s an understatement).  We spent some time in each lesson discussing theory and goals for the work with each horse.  We have a plan for each of them and will be working hard when we get home.  Shannon will check on us periodically.  Shannon at FCS this summer will keep us pointed straight to our goal.

Dr Paul looked at Fred on Monday and she has a new prescription.  She’s feeling much better.  Whewww.  We need her feeling well on Sunday morning for the big 44 hour trip home.

The boys look great and now need to get in the ring.

They all have settled into their stalls quietly here at the show grounds.  We’ll have a couple of days to work them here and our first class is Friday morning with both of them.  Fred is going to hang out and cheer them on with lots of hand walking and people watching each day.

Savouring each moment…only 5 days left.


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