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Yeah, travel day over!!!

Mack "helping" Papa and Uncle Greg install new mats in Lance and William's stalls.

We’re in Del Mar, at the show grounds with the coach…parked, hooked up and loving being so close to Arroyo!  We’re only 15 minutes to the stable (add a couple of minutes for a Pannikin stop!!)

We’ll ride with Shannon today and then head back here to bed stalls and set up the tack room for the show.  If it’s not too late we’ll head back and load the horses and bring them down to the show grounds as well.  It’ll be easy to feed tomorrow!

Last week was very busy at home…spring chores galore!!  But we’re ready!!

Headed to the stable to pet my ponies!!!  Yeah!!!! 🙂 🙂  I’m happy.


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