Back in the saddle…again.

So here are the details…

I was diagnosed with a chronic, painful condition 5 or so years ago.  I hate talking about it…I find it boring, I want to move on.  I have a difficult, bothersome condition but I have decided this condition will not define me or my life.  I found I couldn’t ride each day and some days that I did ride, I was not working at full power.  I stepped back from my day-to-day and had a hard look at where I was, what I was doing and what was important in my life.  The long time goal I have had of riding for Canada would have to be tweaked.   I had a superstar of a horse (Lance), a superstar of a working student (Lindsey) and I knew I could still coach most days even when I was not feeling 100%.  There would be a win/win opportunity here for everyone if Lindsey wanted to ride Lance.  And she did.

So I changed hats.  No longer rider/trainer/coach now coach/trainer.  That was 4 yrs ago.  Learning to expand my coaching skills without the kinesthetic feedback of being in the saddle each day was a steep learning curve.  And I’m a better coach for it. 

This winter, thanks to my wonderful husband, we have finally found the drug therapy that has kept me well for many days in a row, several weeks in a row.  So I decided I’d like to try to ride again.  Grace and I headed into the arena to see if all the buttons still worked…it was lovely, very lovely.  And then I again had a major set back so Grace had some time off. 

But everything has now settled down and I’ve had several days again pain-free.  So Grace and I are back in the arena playing with dressage concepts and training theories.  My life is very good and I am very thankful for so many things each day.

Thank you for all your words of encourgement and concern.  It meant so much.



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3 responses to “Back in the saddle…again.

  1. Paula

    Yay Vickie! Glad to hear you are enjoying your time in the saddle again. I know about the pain factor, some days it is really hard. I usually run at a pain scale of 3-4 with my right shoulder and the resulting numbness and weakness in my hand, and have for 3 years now. I just take it day by day.

  2. Tracy Deschamps

    So exciting. Glad you are back. How is Miss Grace?

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