To say our time in California this year hasn’t gone quite to plan would be a bit of an understatement. Our goal as we prepared to head south in January, was to participate in five shows and get all three of the horses confirmed at the next level. Unfortunately, the horses had other plans for us. Early in our time at Del Mar, we made a team decision to adjust our goals for the duration of the time in California. Training became the priority. In addition to the focus on training and development we found ourselves dealing with some minor equine health issues.

In 2009, Vickie, my Mom and I, along with input from a few others, assembled a plan for each of the three horses through 2012. We thought it was important to sit down together and establish a thorough plan. All of us deeply believe planning is crucial to achieving goals.

To find success with horses (& maybe life in general?) you have to learn adaptability and flexibility to prevent losing sight of your ultimate goals. The early portion of 2011 has proven how steep that learning curve can be. Unwavering, our goal remains to have three quality Grand Prix horses. Each and every day we continue our work towards that goal. By the end of this journey, the work we have done here, with the extra time spent training will pay off….I’m sure of it!!!


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