A great new helmet.

Helmets are the normal headwear around here at FCS.  They have been for a several years.   Just part of the normal routine of pulling on your boots and tightening your girth…do up your helmet and mount up.

Last year in California…not so many helmets (none in the FEI ring).  After CKD’s tragic accident, Shannon and Steffen instituted a new barn rule…helmets on everyone, every ride.  Steffen and Shannon led the change to helmets at CDIs last year.  Following the lead of helmets in the warmup ring, this year so many riders chose to leave their helmets on from warm up ring to show ring even at the CDIs.  Wonderful example from Shannon and Steffen.  A true example of the trickle down effect!

Samsheild is a new, beautiful, light weight helmet from France.  It looks wonderful with tails.

Lindsey and Lance and her new Samsheild helmet.

Gonna be a busy day around here…off to feed some ponies!



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2 responses to “A great new helmet.

  1. That’s a terrific policy… I wish more people lived by it. I wouldn’t be here today without helmets… and I don’t understand how it can be a no-brainer for everyone in the horse world that proper boots are essential safety gear, but not helmets. I guess our feet are more important to us than our brains. 😀

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