Our Sunday at the stable…

We had a later start to the day…didn’t have to battle traffic on the I5 so it is an easy 1/2 hour from the coach to the barn.

We were at the barn at 8, blankets off, feed made and the first horse on the Vibe Floor ready to ride. Sooooo Fred has a fat front leg…so she now again she looks like Lance from last week…one fat leg, lethargic and not lame…the virus strikes again…or same virus, we’re just not done with it yet.  Lindsey got in the saddle and we moved her around in the arena.  A laboured trot and a short canter later we decided Fred needs some time off to rehab and get well.  She’s 7 to 10 days behind Lance in clearing this virus. So she’s on bed rest, no work and TLC at Arroyo and hopefully she’ll get well soon.  Vibe Floor, hand walking and short turnout for the next couple of weeks should get het back on track.  She’ll have some time to recover before putting her on the truck to send her on the 45 hour trip home.  Poor Fred…get well soon!!!

Lance and William are going strong and we are planning (once again) to enter the Del Mar show.  Hopefully no other surprizes will pop up and we’ll get to show the boys before heading home.  The truck is booked to pick them up from the Del Mar show May 01.

I’m home now so off to make my way around snow piles…


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