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Saturday day off and trip to Burbank

The horses had the day off yesterday.  We headed to the barn, fed them, hand walked them and put them on the Vibe Floor.  Once we finished we headed north and picked up Barb and headed to the Burbank CDI to watch Shannon’s ride in the Grand Prix Special.

Lance on the Vibe Floor. He's tapping his foot, waiting to be led back to his feed tub...he was only half finished!

Steffen and Gunter, Inter One ribbon ceremony.

Steffen and Magic, victory gallop.


Shannon and Odie, warming up for the GPS.

Shannon and Odie finishing the GPS.

Congrats to Shannon and Steffen!  Winning rides in both classes (Inter One and the GPS).  Expert rides, well done!

Today is back to work for all three horses.  Looks like rain so we’ll probably ride in the covered.

Gonna be a great day!


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