Team Peters brings it to the Burbank CDI.

Congrats to Team Peters on their stellar results from the Burbank CDI last weekend!

Arroyo Del Mar Team Peters riders and horses…

David Blake – PSG (Albert), 68.9%, and (Falsterbo) 68.2%

                  –      Inter One (Albert), 69.1%, and (Falsterbo) 66.3%

Rebecca Rigdon – PSG (Solei) 69.2% (almost a 70%…way to go Rebecca!!!)

                          –      Inter One (Solei) 65.0%

And of course Steffen with Magic’s Blue Ribbon rides (Blue Ribbons are First Place down here!!!)

                –  76.2% PSG   

                – 76.4% Inter One

And Steffen on Palais – PSG, 67.1%

                               –      Inter One, 71.6%

And of course, Steffen on Ravel, 75.5%!  Steffen and Ravel head out to the Masters in Floriday next week.

Lientje did well on her young horse PSG 60.7%.  Brittany and Tessa did a good jobs with their rides, in taxing conditions.

Shannon had a great ride on Odie Thursday and once he went in the scary indoor ring on Friday, had a great test as well 67%.  Odie is growing up…Grand Prix again next week in Del Mar!

Difficult conditions for this CDI, hail, rain, snow (sounds like Alberta in May and September!!!) and great riding, great tests, and great scores.

Way ta go Team Peters!!!

We get to train and watch this quality of work each day, all day long.  Shannon, Steffen, David, Rebecca, Lientje and everyone they coach and all the horses they ride…pinch me again, this is real.

Back in Alberta for the week.  Work hard at home and back down to Del Mar in a week.

Bundled up…no palm trees around here!!!


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