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Back at work with Shannon…yeah!!!

Yesterday we had three tired ponies.  They had Sunday off (travel day back from the Thermal show) so we worked them lightly Monday morning.  Shannon and Steffen were enjoying a well deserved weekend of R and R in Lake Tahoe so lessons were booked with Shannon for Tuesday with Lance and Fred.

As we are about 1/2 hour north of the stable, we try to get on the road before 7am.  That way we avoid the heavy traffic into San Diego and arrive at the barn ready to head into our first lesson at 8:45.  That schedule works well most mornings except for today.  An accident on the freeway and the I5 was a parking lot for over an hour.   Lindsey could have skipped her gym session today by just walking along side the car as it crept along.  I think my little car needs a good anti-carbon run after all the puttering it had to put up with this morning.  It would put a smile on both of our faces (my face and my car’s!). 

Everyone was ready for Shannon today.

Fred, early morning ride.



Shannon, Lance and Lindsey

Lance...."I think I'm starting to figure out this passage/piaffe thingy"

Shannon, Lance and Lindsey...good job you guys!!!!

It is so amazing to be able to work at this level with Shannon.  I continually have to pinch myself that this dream we are living out is really true.  I am truly grateful. 

No photos of William today as he was the” non lesson horse with Shannon” today and I can’t seem to juggle coaching and clicking at the same time.

The monsoons are expected tomorrow.  We’re hoping it’s not going to be too wet!  With the LA show coming up, they’ll be a lot of horses at Arroyo putting the final touches to their tests this week.  Fingers crossed we’ll have lots of days with good footing for all! 

A great day planned for tomorrow!


(a big thank you to Kirsten and Andrew!!!!  They had Mack find Grandma on Skype tonight…miss you all, see you in a couple of weeks!!!)

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We’re back…..

A great weekend!  Dressage show in Thermal amongst all the jumpers.  It was a quiet, well run show.  We were out of the way of the jumpers, good horse management; the weather was wonderful, good luck with wind and rain; and great visiting with friends and family, a great time in and out of the saddles!

This show was Fred’s first PSG.  She really has grown up and was totally rideable in the ring both tests.  In the first test Lindsey kept everything safe and comfortable for Fred at this new level.  Fred came out of the ring confident and happy and enjoyed the peppermint Barb had waiting for her.  62% In the next test the next day, Lindsey put more pressure on each movement and Fred was right on.  It was a very well ridden, good test.  The mark for the test was surprising low, 61%…ahhhh dressage but we met our goals with Fred for the weekend and she is now ready to head to LA knowing she can turn it on in the ring when asked. 

The boys went to school at this show and they both were super.  Lance is starting to understand how to manage his huge gaits in many different environments.  William is learning that growing up includes concentrating hard when you are distracted by horses doing all sorts of fancy stuff around you.  He is such a quiet guy and he’d like to hang back and watch the scenery…William…7 yr old horses have to work harder than 6 yr old babies!  He figured it out and we’ll have a good go in Burbank!

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And we’re off!

A quick post today as we’re packing and organizing to head to the show.  We’re leaving the coach behind in Oceanside 😦 booooo that means we have to pack what we need for the 4 days into the truck.  Next show (Burbank) we’ll have the coach with us so no packing…yeah!!! Horse things all packed and we just have to load up and head out.  The weather is forcasted to be beautiful.  Everyone is organized and ready to go. 

Fred, first ride of the morning.

William was second ride on Wednesday morning.

Lance, cantering down the long side...good boy!

Gonna be a full day today…haul to Thermal, set up for the show, ride the three, go to bed!!!!


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Ohhhh the horses…

The horses look great!!  Now that’s an understatement.  Lindsey and Shannon have worked very hard this past month and the work shows on each horse.  Lovely.  Unfortunately the batteries ran out on the camera, so I have just a few photos of the day.   Linds and I were working together with Fred and I totally forgot I had the camera on my shoulder…my bad :(.  (I’ll get photos of her today as she has a lesson spot with Shannon this am)

First ride of the day, Baby William! Boy did he grow up this month!!

Lance, warming up.

A baby Grand Prix horse! Yeah Lance, Linds, and Shannon.

Yesterday’s weather was not very sunny at Arroyo and everyone was complaining…I wasn’t…I didn’t even notice the” no sun” issue…I was too much into the “no snow and ice” loveliness.

A busy day ahead.  After the morning rides, hitch the truck and trailer and load up everything but the horses for the show.  On the road to Jumper Land (Thermal) tomorrow.  Gonna be a great day!


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Trains, planes and automobiles…

An early morning start, lots and lots of snow in Calgary and 13 hours later I’m home sweet home…back at the coach in Oceanside!

It was a long trip yesterday.  Flight from Edmonton was uneventful but it was late getting out of Calgary because of all the snow.  Soooo I missed the train connection in San Diego to Oceanside by 15 minutes.  Oh well, find a comfy seat in the sunshine and wait for the next train.  Lindsey met me at the Solana Beach station, we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed north to the coach.  Linds went on to Pilates and I stayed here did some “RV” catch up chores around the coach.  A quick soak in the hot tub as the sun was setting was great and so was my bed!!!  (Peter can’t believe we weren’t at Jake’s Del Mar for dinner and sunset watching…mmmmm, that  sounds like a good plan for tonight!!!)

8:45 and 11:15 lesson times with Shannon for today.  We have the camera ready to go so watch for photos tomorrow!!!

I’m in California with my horses…how can this not be a great day????!!!!


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Pictures courtesy of B. Stroh (Thanks Mom!!). Sorry no photos of William, Mom and Curtis had to get on the road to beat the traffic this afternoon before I rode William. Enjoy!!



Freddie learning to passage!!


Lance...Canter half pass

Lance in passage

Lance, trot half pass


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Mom and Curtis arrived on Monday afternoon to Oceanside. We had a great supper at Via Italia in Encinitas. Yummy!! They headed up to Laguna Woods to get settled in on Tuesday and it sounds like they have a beautiful place to stay until May. They are back in Oceanside tonight to come to Arroyo tomorrow to see the horses and watch our lessons with Shannon. So as long as all goes well with the camera (& operator), I promise some pictures of the horses and I in action!! Susan and Doug Hughes from Alberta also came for a visit to Arroyo today to watch Lance’s lesson. It was great to see familiar faces from Alberta!!

The horses have been doing spectacular this week. I had to ask Shannon today if Lance’s knees were going to hit his chin in the passage. All I could see was white polos coming up around his nose….Wow!! Can’t wait for Vickie to see her boy go!!  It has been very windy here in California this week (I’m not complaining!!), so we have a had a few days of great training opportunities leading up to the show with the horses being a bit tense and hot. I hear there is going to be 3400 jumper horses at Thermal next weekend, so we need all the training opportunities we can get.

Wish us luck navigating around the 3400 horses, riders, grooms, spectators, scooters, golf carts and dogs!! Vickie says “At least they’ll be broke after Thermal….”


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