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Monday’s rides…

Yesterday was definitely a Monday!  William is learning he can’t be a Third Level horse for the rest of his life.  The teenager in him thinks sleeping late, handing in projects with minimum effort and only cutting the lawn under great duress is the lifestyle he would choose…growing up is hard on all of us.

William, growing up.


Lance scared himself on Sunday’s ride.  He’s moving much more closed and is figuring out the whole left bend deal.  He got really under himself on Sunday and then panicked.  He was really rattled and came out for Monday’s ride thinking maybe he should still be worried about something.  Lindsey rode quietly and patiently and by the end of the ride he was back in the groove of being Lance!

Lance, figuring things out!


Lance being Lance.

Fred was such a good girl yesterday.  She’s been a rock this month!  Yeah Fred for holding up the team!  Lance and Fred in lessons with Shannon today.  William gets a detention.

Gonna be a great day!


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