Rain, rain, rain…

The rain and the wind held off till the end of the day so everyone went to work and stayed dry yesterday.  Today is their day off so we’ll head to the stable, feed and hand walk all three (no turnout ’cause the turnout pens are too sloppy).  We have a lunch date with Curtis and Barb in Laguna Woods…yummm!  (Barb’s cooking!!!)  I think we may have to take the truck though as the rain storm last night was quite impressive!  We’ll see how much flooding is around when we drive to the stable and decide if the little car will survive the drive north.

Some highlights from yesterday…

The main ring at Arroyo tarped...the silver blanket could be on for a while.

Fred, first ride in the morning.


Lance, the start of a right pirouette.

Lance discussing the current cookie situation..."Do you have another cookie Shannon? I was a good boy??!!!"

Lance in collected trot...can you say "air time"?!!

Lance, trot half pass.

Off to check out the waves in the rain on the drive to the stable.  Hope we don’t drown…we’re pretty close the ground in the little car!  A great way the wash the vehicle!


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