Wheww, what a day…

All three horses were fabulous today but you’ll have to take my word for it as photos just don’t happen in the covered ring…too dark and too many bodies in the way to get a good shot. 

William and Lance had lessons with Shannon, Lindsey and I worked Fred in between the lessons.  William is learning to hold himself up, getting ready for the PSG ring.  Boing, boing, boing and off he goes!!!  Fred was a tired puppy today and had a light ride.  Despite being tired she stayed loose and swinging in her back in all the work…she’s growing up.  Lance tackled the passage/piaffe question again today and everything is starting to click…what a good boy!  Thank you Shannon for your expertise and wonderful way of explaining concepts to our horses, Lindsey and I…we appreciate your commitment and hard work and are very thankful.

The covered ring, where we work in the rainy season.

Our tack boxes, next to the grooming stalls we use. Charlie on the hot walker.

 Late tomorrow the rain is to start in earnest.  Gonna be a soggy weekend but a great Friday!!!


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