Back at work with Shannon…yeah!!!

Yesterday we had three tired ponies.  They had Sunday off (travel day back from the Thermal show) so we worked them lightly Monday morning.  Shannon and Steffen were enjoying a well deserved weekend of R and R in Lake Tahoe so lessons were booked with Shannon for Tuesday with Lance and Fred.

As we are about 1/2 hour north of the stable, we try to get on the road before 7am.  That way we avoid the heavy traffic into San Diego and arrive at the barn ready to head into our first lesson at 8:45.  That schedule works well most mornings except for today.  An accident on the freeway and the I5 was a parking lot for over an hour.   Lindsey could have skipped her gym session today by just walking along side the car as it crept along.  I think my little car needs a good anti-carbon run after all the puttering it had to put up with this morning.  It would put a smile on both of our faces (my face and my car’s!). 

Everyone was ready for Shannon today.

Fred, early morning ride.



Shannon, Lance and Lindsey

Lance...."I think I'm starting to figure out this passage/piaffe thingy"

Shannon, Lance and Lindsey...good job you guys!!!!

It is so amazing to be able to work at this level with Shannon.  I continually have to pinch myself that this dream we are living out is really true.  I am truly grateful. 

No photos of William today as he was the” non lesson horse with Shannon” today and I can’t seem to juggle coaching and clicking at the same time.

The monsoons are expected tomorrow.  We’re hoping it’s not going to be too wet!  With the LA show coming up, they’ll be a lot of horses at Arroyo putting the final touches to their tests this week.  Fingers crossed we’ll have lots of days with good footing for all! 

A great day planned for tomorrow!


(a big thank you to Kirsten and Andrew!!!!  They had Mack find Grandma on Skype tonight…miss you all, see you in a couple of weeks!!!)

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