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We’re back…..

A great weekend!  Dressage show in Thermal amongst all the jumpers.  It was a quiet, well run show.  We were out of the way of the jumpers, good horse management; the weather was wonderful, good luck with wind and rain; and great visiting with friends and family, a great time in and out of the saddles!

This show was Fred’s first PSG.  She really has grown up and was totally rideable in the ring both tests.  In the first test Lindsey kept everything safe and comfortable for Fred at this new level.  Fred came out of the ring confident and happy and enjoyed the peppermint Barb had waiting for her.  62% In the next test the next day, Lindsey put more pressure on each movement and Fred was right on.  It was a very well ridden, good test.  The mark for the test was surprising low, 61%…ahhhh dressage but we met our goals with Fred for the weekend and she is now ready to head to LA knowing she can turn it on in the ring when asked. 

The boys went to school at this show and they both were super.  Lance is starting to understand how to manage his huge gaits in many different environments.  William is learning that growing up includes concentrating hard when you are distracted by horses doing all sorts of fancy stuff around you.  He is such a quiet guy and he’d like to hang back and watch the scenery…William…7 yr old horses have to work harder than 6 yr old babies!  He figured it out and we’ll have a good go in Burbank!

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