Trains, planes and automobiles…

An early morning start, lots and lots of snow in Calgary and 13 hours later I’m home sweet home…back at the coach in Oceanside!

It was a long trip yesterday.  Flight from Edmonton was uneventful but it was late getting out of Calgary because of all the snow.  Soooo I missed the train connection in San Diego to Oceanside by 15 minutes.  Oh well, find a comfy seat in the sunshine and wait for the next train.  Lindsey met me at the Solana Beach station, we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed north to the coach.  Linds went on to Pilates and I stayed here did some “RV” catch up chores around the coach.  A quick soak in the hot tub as the sun was setting was great and so was my bed!!!  (Peter can’t believe we weren’t at Jake’s Del Mar for dinner and sunset watching…mmmmm, that  sounds like a good plan for tonight!!!)

8:45 and 11:15 lesson times with Shannon for today.  We have the camera ready to go so watch for photos tomorrow!!!

I’m in California with my horses…how can this not be a great day????!!!!


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  1. peter

    very jealous on this frigid morning. Wish i could see the sunset tonight.

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