Mom and Curtis arrived on Monday afternoon to Oceanside. We had a great supper at Via Italia in Encinitas. Yummy!! They headed up to Laguna Woods to get settled in on Tuesday and it sounds like they have a beautiful place to stay until May. They are back in Oceanside tonight to come to Arroyo tomorrow to see the horses and watch our lessons with Shannon. So as long as all goes well with the camera (& operator), I promise some pictures of the horses and I in action!! Susan and Doug Hughes from Alberta also came for a visit to Arroyo today to watch Lance’s lesson. It was great to see familiar faces from Alberta!!

The horses have been doing spectacular this week. I had to ask Shannon today if Lance’s knees were going to hit his chin in the passage. All I could see was white polos coming up around his nose….Wow!! Can’t wait for Vickie to see her boy go!!  It has been very windy here in California this week (I’m not complaining!!), so we have a had a few days of great training opportunities leading up to the show with the horses being a bit tense and hot. I hear there is going to be 3400 jumper horses at Thermal next weekend, so we need all the training opportunities we can get.

Wish us luck navigating around the 3400 horses, riders, grooms, spectators, scooters, golf carts and dogs!! Vickie says “At least they’ll be broke after Thermal….”


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