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A Light Day

I arrived at the barn this morning to find three very tired horses, so it was a light day for all. A little bit of work and lots of walking. At Arroyo there are some great, safe paths and a large sand jumper ring to walk the horses, which they all enjoy. I made it back in time to the RV park for the first time this week to put on my runners and take a quick walk along the beach as the sun was setting. The RV is a short, 3 minute walk to the beach. A great way to end the day!!  Tomorrow is back to more intense work for the horses. Good luck to Shannon and the rest of the Arroyo bunch at Thermal this weekend!!

William getting ready to work.


Freddie having an afternoon nap.


Afternoon walk along the beach.....


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Today was homework day. A day to practice and fine tune all the stuff we have been working on in the lessons for the last few days. The horses were super and are definitely quick learners….now I just have to keep up with them!! The weather is great in San Diego this week, high 60’s today and into the 70’s for the rest of the week (sorry to those of you in Alberta!!). The horses need to adjust to the heat but we are not complaining…showers for everyone today!

I think we have tired them out a bit with the long trailer ride, heat and hard work…only rolling and walking today in the turnouts.

Only Freddie prefers eating the hay compared to the dirt!!! Smart girl!!!

Lance soaking up the sun.....


William...."There must be green grass in here somewhere??"


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So another great day yesterday!

Lindsey rode Lance and Fred with Shannon.

We have been really working on getting Lance to understand the nuances of staying off the inside leg and totally committed to staying to the outside rein.  Shannon and Linds worked his pirouettes and piaffe/passage really emphasizing the inside leg/outside rein theme.  Fred was the same theme and convincing her to stay honest to the connection within the work.  Worked some passage as well with her as well.  As always, it’s the basics that make the work right.  As the work gets more difficult, the basics need to be impeccable.  Fine tuning the basics for the horse and for the rider.

Lindsey worked William without Shannon.  He’s such a smart cookie, he really got the lesson from the day before and let Lindsey know…”I got it, I got it!”  Smart little man!!

Everyone from Arroyo is headed to the show in Thermal today.  Lindsey may be able to get a lesson from Shannon this am before they hit the road.  It’ll be quite quiet around there the rest of this week…she’ll have the pick of any of the arenas to work!!!  We’re not going to this Thermal show but our show season will start with the Thermal show Feb 9 -13.

Barb Holmes visited Lindsey for the morning rides.  She and Jeff and Jessica are having fun in Disneyland this week and Barb did a little side trip to sit in the sun and watch dressage at Arroyo.  Lucky girl!!!  So nice to have friends from home visit while we’re away!

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Life is Good in California!!

We are all missing Vickie but had a super Monday at Arroyo.

My day started watching Steffen and Shannon schooling their horses….What a great start to the day and a good mental picture to take into lessons with Shannon.

Lessons went well today, especially considering I was feeling much better compared to Friday. We are already getting down to business in the work with the horses. There is no “get to know each” phase this year which makes it easy to fit right back into the work with Shannon.  Vickie has prepared the horses and I well for the transition.

I rode William with Shannon in the morning. We worked on pirouette canter and the ability to move easily between it and collected/medium canter.  Shannon then helped us from the ground with half steps which resulted in some great trot work worthy of the PSG ring! I schooled Freddie on my own to get her ready for a lesson with Shannon on Tuesday. Freddie is so happy and content….I think she loves California!!!  In the afternoon sun (& wind), Lance showed Shannon some of his new “Grand Prix moves”.  He is starting to get the hang of the canter zig zag, ones and piaffe/passage. Shannon is providing me some great insights on how to better ride the GP movements.  Now to put it all together!     

Turned the horses out again this afternoon and they were all very well-behaved. Thank goodness!! If only they would quit eating the dirt…I think they are sure there must be green grass somewhere in those paddocks!!

Looks like it is going to be a beautiful, sunny week in San Diego!!


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Missing everyone…

Lindsey and Shannon will work everyone today and they all should be in great form!  Lindsey is feeling fine now and over the gastro bug and the horses have basically recovered from their long trailer ride.

The horses were turned out for an hour yesterday and loved the warm sun.  They all had a turn on the Vibe Floor as well.

William on the Vibe Floor. It's in a trailer for now. Installation in Feb in a stall in the barn

Flying Colours looks like a winter wonderland this week. Everyone is well and thanks to all the hard work from everyone here at home, all is good for January!

Gonna be a great day here in the snow and also in the sun in California!


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We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!!!

As Ivars and I were flying back home on Saturday, Friday was to be our big conference day with Shannon, Lindsey and I and each horse.  Friday was not a good day for Linds.  She woke to a bad case of gastro and started the day very green in colour and trying to keep herself upright.  And that was the good part of the morning.  The competitor that she is, she pulled her boots on and rode Lance and William.  The team physician, AKA Ivars, then took her back to the coach and prescribed an afternoon of sleep, Tylenol and quiet.  Poor Lindsey.  She’ll be back in the saddle by Monday and everyone will be rested and ready to go to work!  Shannon is up to speed on where we are and what we were working on since she last saw everyone in August.  Last year was so amazing to work with Shannon.  This winter is set up again to increase the learning curve and with Shannon’s help, get us on our way to our goals.

We left California Saturday morning, flew to Vancouver and then into the blizzard that is Alberta today.

The view from a late lunch on Friday.

While Linds was resting, we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset, glass of wine in one hand, camera in the other!

And this is what we did today…

On the path to the barn...

Greg shoveled out the front door to the stable. No one was turned out today!!!

The girls are fat and fuzzy.

The wind is starting to die down and the highway is plowed…tomorrrow will be a goooood day.


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Can’t believe it…we’re here!!!!

A big day yesterday.  Everyone got used to the Vibe Plate.  They are all very used to ours but Arroyo has a temporary set up right now and it is in a trailer.  Their permanent Vibe Floor will arrive Feb 01 and will be set up as the floor of a stall.  A great idea, just put them in a stall and they can munch away stand on the vibration plate without a groom having to babysit for 20 minutes.

They all went for a short, stretchy ride and everyone looked great…hale and hearty and loving the Californian warm sun.  No turnout yet as the pens are still very sloppy from last week’s rain.  Between the Vibe Plate and the stretchy ride, everyone was very happy to sleep the afternoon away in their stalls…even Fred!

Lance, in the sun, lookin' good, day after 44 hours on the transport!!!

Today will be lessons on all three with Shannon…gonna be another awesome day!!!


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