Dressage Bootcamp

I think I would consider the last weeks since arriving in California a dressage bootcamp for all four of us. The horses and I are working hard to make the final push to get ready for the start of show season.

I had a lesson on Freddie on Tuesday and she was a star!! We worked on the canter work from the PSG and it felt fantastic. The half passes and pirouettes are coming along nicely. The flying changes have been the most challenging for her so my goal is to make her completely honest and correct in the connection as we school the changes. They are starting to become much more reliable. William had a lesson on Monday where he was expected to behave like a big boy even though it was Monday, a little chillier weather and there were several horses having lots of fun in the paddocks nearby. During today’s lesson, he showed Shannon and I how much he had learned and was such a good boy.  He catches on so quickly!!

Lance has been all business this week during his lesson and is trying so hard to figure out the work from the Grand Prix. This week’s big excitement was Steffen taking a turn in the saddle on him today. It was great to see him go, as I’ve been the only one in the saddle for a year and a half. Steffen provided me some helpful suggestions on riding Lance. He also confirmed that we are 100% on the mark with what we are working on and the necessary progression. Pretty Cool!!!

Lance taking a morning nap before bootcamp.....

Shannon is heading to LA for another show tomorrow morning so I’ll have a few days to work on my own. Good luck to Shannon and Ody!!


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  1. Tracy Deschamps

    Good work Lins! And Vicki and 4 legged friends!

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