The Basics

Wow!!  We had a great week o f lessons with Shannon.

The horses have made such progress in a short period of time building on the work that Vickie and I had done at home. I am constantly reminded that it is all about the basics. If those are clear and understood by both the horse and rider all the movements become much easier.

This week our focus on all three horses has been ensuring that the inside leg to outside rein connection is confirmed and consistent in all aspects of the work. I have a whole new understanding and feel of the concept and what to expect of the horses. When the horses are clearly off the inside leg to the outside rein the work changes from good to exceptional.  And we like exceptional!!!

The horses had a massage on Thursday with Shannon’s therapist, Rick.  Only minor adjustments were needed as Maria takes such great care of them every two weeks at home. The horses definitely enjoyed their treatment after the increase in work the last two weeks!!

Day off for the horses on Saturday but not for me….I have a personal training session Saturday morning at LA Fitness. Hope I can walk on Sunday!!



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2 responses to “The Basics

  1. Susan Hughes

    Hey Lindsey, my husband and I will be in CA from Jan 26 – Feb 4 any chance we can come and maybe catch a lesson with Shannon and you with one of the horse in that time. I would love to see how any of the horses are doing. I have not seen any of them in so long! Let me know and we can find the stable.
    thanks, Susan

  2. Kirsten Montgomery

    Hey linds
    I hope that you are taking as good care of yourself as you are of the horses!! Massage for you too!!
    Miss you here, but love getting the updates.
    take care

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