Gotta Love this Weather!!

We are having an amazing week of weather here in California…now I really get why everyone wants to move to California. I think there was about a 50C difference in temperature between San Diego and Edmonton on Monday.  Wow!!!

Congratulations to Shannon on a great show with her Grand Prix horse, Odyssey at Thermal this past weekend. This was their first show together in over a year and they definitely were successful. Way to go Shannon!!

On Monday and Tuesday, I had four super lessons with Shannon. The horses have completely settled in and recovered from the trip and are already making great progress in the work. William is learning to trot like a big boy with a little bit of help from Shannon on the ground. Not only is the trot improving but the work transfers right into the canter. I’m pretty sure he is the cutest stallion around!! Freddie and I are fine tuning all the Prix St. Georges work for our first show in February. She is becoming a great partner to work with and allowing me to access more of her body every day.  This is a big step for an alpha mare like Freddie!! Lance is everyone’s favourite at Arroyo. Not only is he spectacular to watch work but because he is so loveable he makes friends quickly everywhere he goes. I keep reminding everyone that I know how lucky I am to ride him!!

Looking forward to the rest of the week!!


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