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Top Ten Reasons Why We Miss Vickie…..

10.  The near empty carpool lane is begging for the BMW to use it during the agonizing gridlock morning traffic.

9.  I overheard the waiter and the bartender at Jake’s discussing why I drink wine all alone at their restaurant every sunset.

8.  Self portraits with the IPHONE are not really useful training tools like Vickie’s 40 frames per second camera.  

7.  The horses are missing their extra treats.  

6.  California hay bales are a two-girl job.

5.  Other TJ Maxx shoppers look at me weird when I sneak up behind them and ask “isn’t this cute?”

4.  Her Costco card.   I ate all my favourite food in the motorhome already.  

3.  I lose sleep at night wondering what might breakdown in the motorhome.

2.  The two coach collaboration between Vickie and Shannon ensures I get the most from each lesson.

And, the number one reason why we miss Vickie….

1.  For her never ending enthusiasm, passion and energy for this amazing journey we are on!!

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