So another great day yesterday!

Lindsey rode Lance and Fred with Shannon.

We have been really working on getting Lance to understand the nuances of staying off the inside leg and totally committed to staying to the outside rein.  Shannon and Linds worked his pirouettes and piaffe/passage really emphasizing the inside leg/outside rein theme.  Fred was the same theme and convincing her to stay honest to the connection within the work.  Worked some passage as well with her as well.  As always, it’s the basics that make the work right.  As the work gets more difficult, the basics need to be impeccable.  Fine tuning the basics for the horse and for the rider.

Lindsey worked William without Shannon.  He’s such a smart cookie, he really got the lesson from the day before and let Lindsey know…”I got it, I got it!”  Smart little man!!

Everyone from Arroyo is headed to the show in Thermal today.  Lindsey may be able to get a lesson from Shannon this am before they hit the road.  It’ll be quite quiet around there the rest of this week…she’ll have the pick of any of the arenas to work!!!  We’re not going to this Thermal show but our show season will start with the Thermal show Feb 9 -13.

Barb Holmes visited Lindsey for the morning rides.  She and Jeff and Jessica are having fun in Disneyland this week and Barb did a little side trip to sit in the sun and watch dressage at Arroyo.  Lucky girl!!!  So nice to have friends from home visit while we’re away!

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