Life is Good in California!!

We are all missing Vickie but had a super Monday at Arroyo.

My day started watching Steffen and Shannon schooling their horses….What a great start to the day and a good mental picture to take into lessons with Shannon.

Lessons went well today, especially considering I was feeling much better compared to Friday. We are already getting down to business in the work with the horses. There is no “get to know each” phase this year which makes it easy to fit right back into the work with Shannon.  Vickie has prepared the horses and I well for the transition.

I rode William with Shannon in the morning. We worked on pirouette canter and the ability to move easily between it and collected/medium canter.  Shannon then helped us from the ground with half steps which resulted in some great trot work worthy of the PSG ring! I schooled Freddie on my own to get her ready for a lesson with Shannon on Tuesday. Freddie is so happy and content….I think she loves California!!!  In the afternoon sun (& wind), Lance showed Shannon some of his new “Grand Prix moves”.  He is starting to get the hang of the canter zig zag, ones and piaffe/passage. Shannon is providing me some great insights on how to better ride the GP movements.  Now to put it all together!     

Turned the horses out again this afternoon and they were all very well-behaved. Thank goodness!! If only they would quit eating the dirt…I think they are sure there must be green grass somewhere in those paddocks!!

Looks like it is going to be a beautiful, sunny week in San Diego!!


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  1. Kyla

    Linds, so great to see all is going well with the horses. Wishing you guys a super season , lots of fun , sun and learning! Give the horses a pat for me :o)

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