We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!!!

As Ivars and I were flying back home on Saturday, Friday was to be our big conference day with Shannon, Lindsey and I and each horse.  Friday was not a good day for Linds.  She woke to a bad case of gastro and started the day very green in colour and trying to keep herself upright.  And that was the good part of the morning.  The competitor that she is, she pulled her boots on and rode Lance and William.  The team physician, AKA Ivars, then took her back to the coach and prescribed an afternoon of sleep, Tylenol and quiet.  Poor Lindsey.  She’ll be back in the saddle by Monday and everyone will be rested and ready to go to work!  Shannon is up to speed on where we are and what we were working on since she last saw everyone in August.  Last year was so amazing to work with Shannon.  This winter is set up again to increase the learning curve and with Shannon’s help, get us on our way to our goals.

We left California Saturday morning, flew to Vancouver and then into the blizzard that is Alberta today.

The view from a late lunch on Friday.

While Linds was resting, we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset, glass of wine in one hand, camera in the other!

And this is what we did today…

On the path to the barn...

Greg shoveled out the front door to the stable. No one was turned out today!!!

The girls are fat and fuzzy.

The wind is starting to die down and the highway is plowed…tomorrrow will be a goooood day.


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