Waiting for the horses to arrive…

Lance, Fred and William were picked up from Flying Colours yesterday at 6am.  They are expected to arrive at Arroyo around 8 tonight.  Our lives feel quite suspended till we see them get off the truck tonight.  All the planning is done, now we just have to wait.  To see them walk down the ramp tonight, I’ll breath soo much easier.

Mack's "Santa" photo for 2010. He did have a great Christmas even though he wasn't impressed by Santa.

High tide on my walk from the coach yesterday.

A lovely walk in the morning.

A beautiful way to start the day.

Biker chick Linds sending off our bikers Ivars and Peter. They are heading south on Hwy 101 for a long cycle. See ya for dinner guys.

Peter heads back to Edmonton today 😦 .  Thanks Peter for driving the truck and trailer down!  We’ll head to the barn to set up stalls and unpack what we can from the trailer…and wait…and wait…and oh yeah, wait till tonight.

Going to find another great walk…


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One response to “Waiting for the horses to arrive…

  1. Tracy Deschamps

    Excited for the blog…. live vicariously through you ladies 🙂 FUN FUN.. hope the horses are safe and sound.

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