One month to go!!!

The countdown is on!!!  In one month we will load the horses (and all tack boxes, feed, etc needed) on Thompson’s transport truck at 6am and they will be on the road, south to Arroyo Del Mar.

Lindsey and Peter will  leave here around January 01 with the truck and trailer.  Ivars and I will head to California from Phoenix December 30 with the coach.  We’ll all be waiting anxiously for the horses to arrive in California,  January 5.  It’s about 44 hours driving from Flying Colours to Arroyo.  Last year they arrived in great shape (thanks to Thompson Transport!)  and we were riding the next day.

This month will be very busy with ramped up training and packing.  Three competition horses for 4 months in California means a lot of planning and schlepping of  boxes and trunks.  And it’ll be worth every minute, working with Shannon daily, 5 shows (4 CDIs) within several hours drive of Arroyo and new level of knowledge to bring home for 2011.

Off to start a great day…


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