Life at home…

This has been a busy week back at home.  My desk is piled with papers and I am slowly wading through.  The desk top is almost visible!  Mack and Grandma have had some fun afternoons but Mack has decided napping is dumb and playing is better (I don’t agree with the concept at any level but I was out voted by a toddler!).  Needless to say, there are many projects not completed yet.

The horses are going great.  Lindsey has done an amazing job and everyone is on-line and ready for Shannon and California.  We have worked out our show schedule for California.  4 CDIs and one National show.  We start showing Feb 10 and finish May o1.  We’re gearing up for a very busy, hard-working spring show season.  Take a deep breath and jump!

Off to push some paper around for the morning…


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