Daily Archives: November 28, 2010

Home today.

Yesterday was lovely and sunny and we had a great time outside all day.  Aleks and Rosey did a super job at the Agility show yesterday and everyone was tired last night!

Today is raining…yup rain in the desert so I guess it’s a good time to head home.  We’ll pull the slide in, stow the satellite dish and load the Vespa.  The coach will be ready for the next time we arrive in Phoenix.  We be back at the end of December to pick up the coach and head to California.  The kids are going to come with us to San Diego for New Years.  They’ll drive the little car.  It’ll be fun to have the little car in California this year…save on gas and way more fun than the truck for transport!!!

The little grey car, on the road in November!!!???? No snow, of course!


Off to tidy things up and head to the airport (a beer and streaming Grey Cup on the laptop!!).


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