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Yummmm turkey…

A full turkey dinner with all the trimmings yesterday…yum!

Ivars and Neil spent the day working on installing the new beam for the new kitchen.  The wall is almost down.  New beam will go up today and then next remove the last of the 2X 4’s and the wall will be gonso.  This will open up the kitchen to the living room and change the whole feel of the house.

The new kitchen will arrive today to be stored till N and A can finish removal of the old kitchen.  They have a lot of work ahead of them but it’ll look amazing when finished.

It is so nice to be able to help out a bit with this big reno.  Good timing for this trip south and we can lend a hand this time!  The beam should be up and everything tidied up by this afternoon.  Maybe hit the golf course tomorrow?

Eggs Benedict this morning!  Off to Scottsdale and tto deal with that beam… and great food!


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