We’re in Phoenix for the week…

We’re here to celebrate American Thanksgiving with the kids.  They’ll have Thursday to Sunday off work so we’ll get to see a lot of them this week…yeah!

Thursday…Gramma time!!!


"Mack, do you want to get out of your seat and see Daddy?"

"Ok Gramma, let's go!!!"

Our Friday…on the way to the airport…

The start of the snow, cold and white.


We headed to Phoenix, flight late ’cause of the cold.  Arrival in Phoenix was warm and the coach was set up and ready for us.  The next day was with Aleks and Rosey at an Agility demo in Chandler.

Aleks, Rosey and Ivars

Yesterday was raining so we headed to Aleks and Neil’s house for the day.  They are planning a new kitchen and we had a good look at the plans online.  It’s going to be lovely…new and shiny!  We are helping with the project this week by getting dusty with Neil and Aleks and taking out a wall and installing an overhead supporting beam.

Gonna be a busy week…off to AJ’s for sweet potatoes for Thursday’s feast!


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