The Equivibe has arrived!!!

The Equivibe has arrived and been installed in the cross ties.  Today starts the “acclimatizing” phase of work with the plate.

Here’s what it’s all about…

Dr. Herbers recommended it to us early this fall and it totally makes sense to me!  Ivars has gone through all the medical data and put a big OK stamp on the addition to Flying Colours.

A big thank you to Andrew for muscling it into the cross ties last evening…and oh yeah…a big thanks to Mack who helped us as well!

Today is full body clip day for everyone so I’ll turn in on and they can get used to the sound.  We should have them used to it in the next couple days.  We’re all planning on using it regularly.  I think Linds could put together a great Pilates routine for us as well!

Off to turn on the Equivibe plate and check out the vibrations!!!


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