The big move to California has started!!!!

Okaaay, back on the blog !

We have spent the summer working hard and getting ready to head back to Arroyo Del Mar to work with Shannon Peters again for 2011.  Last winter’s work was wonderful and we came home with soooo much homework!!!  Shannon came up to Flying Colours in August and checked where we were headed and set us up with more homework for the upcoming fall.

It’s been so busy around the farm (I have an extra job…Grandma to Mack, the wonder Baby) and we have been slugging out at the basics on the horses (not very exciting) so the blog got put on the back burner.

Baby Mack, figuring out leaves!!

Mack and Daddy (Andrew) cleaning up Grandma's leaves on the JD.


Now we’re back on the road!

Linds and Peter took my little car south in September so we don’t have to drive the truck around in California this winter…the little car will be way easier on fuel costs!  Aleks and Neil have been babysitting the little thing in Phoenix. 

We left Wetaskiwin late last Friday and drove to Butte Montana the first night.  After a couple of hours of sleep, I got up and started driving.  We arrived in Las Vegas at 4pm.  So about 23 hours driving over a day and a half and we’re in the sunshine (or so we hoped!).  We ate soo well in Vegas…Mikos Isakaya, a small sushi place near Oasis RV park…wonderful service, fresh, great meal!!!, Vinter’s Grill, west of the strip (half hour or so), wonderfully interesting meal, lovely decor, and Julian Serrano, inventive tapas restaurant at the new hotel, the Aria.

A wonderful added bonus is that we got to hang out with my brother and sister-in-law, Stephan and Mary!  No planning on anyone’s part but we were both in Vegas the same weekend!  We had brunch at the Bellagio and attended the Lion King’s Sunday matinée.  Steve and Mary had a blast in Vegas and they’ll be back, I’m sure!  Ask them about the ‘copter ride over the strip…

As anyone who knows me…I’m a head to bed early girl and this weekend was no exception.  It’s been a busy fall and I really needed to catch up a bit on sleep!!!  And I did!!!!  Steve and Mary headed home early Monday and so for the next couple of days, we dodged the rain, walked a lot, and got the coach washed and waxed.  We headed to Phoenix on Wednesday am.

Ivars with the Vespas new friends...a couple of Harleys!

The new bridge over the Hoover Dam had just opened and we got an amazing view early Wednesday morning.  No traffic, light rain, beautiful light.  Amazing to reflect on what an engineering task this was!  We have viewed the construction from below, as we have crossed the dam under the new bridge for the last several years on our treks to Phoenix.  Really amazing.

New bridge over the Hoover Dam.


Hoover Dam bridge

Ivars has a course in Glendale Fridayand Saturday, so we parked the coach at the west end of Phoenix, at Pueblo El Mirage Resort.  Unfortunately they forgot to let us know the golf course is closed for overseeding till the end of the month…we’re headed to Viewpoint tomorrow, their overseeding  on the two courses, was finished last week!

Well we have eaten well in Phoenix, thanks to Aleks and Neil excellent guidance!  The Living Room, downtown, casual tapas and excellent wine bar; Gallo Blanco, at the Clarendon Hotel, modern, amazing Mexican fare in a hip downtown hotel; Smashburger, an alterative to In N’ Out, near the university, excellent sweet potato fries!; and last night we headed to Grimaldi’s, a favorite for our family, in Old Scottsdale, the best pizza in the world (I know, a big statement, but true) and great beer and near to the kids house.  Neil is tied to his desk, studing for his PE exam on Friday so after dinner he heads back home to hit the books…go Neil go!!!

The weather is beautiful and we spent the day outside yesterday.  A long walk around the park, driving range and 9 holes.  Hot tub in the afternoon and Ivars swam lengths.  Today is more of the same after we have the coach washed again.  (We drove in the rain from Vegas and it’s quite muddy…it does rain in the desert!)

Taking advance of our last couple of days here…off for a brisk walk around the park…


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